Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello World!

Welcome to the Pressing Matters Quilt Shoppe blog.  YEAH!!!  Pretend to see fireworks.  ; 0).  I am so excited to share this with you.  First of all, just so you know...and all of the embarrassing issues are out in the open....I am not a "techie" type of person.  The fact that this blog was created without my knowledgeable children's involvement is a wonderful gift from God.  I want to add pictures and all sorts of sparkly stuff but I need lessons first.  Yes, lengthy sit down consultations with our teenagers will be needed.  I am blessed!  Secondly, did I mention that my forty year dream is coming true??  My fabulous husband has been working his tail off helping me get ready to open the doors to the MOST fabulous quilt shoppe in Holland, Michigan. Okay, it's the only quilt shoppe in Holland.  It's still fabulous though!  Imagine--butterscotch colored walls with almond brittle trim.  It's very yummy looking---I hope I don't gain weight absorbing the warmth and coziness.
Sew busy,